Friday, January 03, 2014

Sold Two More Guitars...

The Punch guitar I played on TV and the Goose guitar are sold. I have had a couple of email inquiries. "Do you make lefties." Sure I do. Sent me the money and I will. "Will you make make a guitar out of the thing I have." Sure, I'll try but cannot guarantee as quality of guitar varies with how easy the item is to work and of course everything sounds different. 

I had one phone call. It was at a decent hour but on my day off it woke me up so I kind of got to act like the musician who had been up all night. Not that I was grouchy but I had o get up and get to the business at hand. Cathy is the one who acted like a real musician. She never heard the phone. The man who called was from Frankston, Tx. and he had seen the news bit and owned a couple of cigar box guitars he got from an old German man 30 odd years ago. Apparently much older. They were unplayable but he thought maybe I knew an antique store that might be interested. I made a few suggestions and suggested he use the internet. It's pretty easy to track down the orgins of old boxes and tins these days. 

The photos are stuff on my work bench now. I am going to try to make the big tin a bass. It's a Currier and Ives print, a different one on each side dating from the 1850s. It held Southern Made Biscuits. There is also a shallow rectangular cigar box which I bet will sound great electric. There is also a collaboration instrument in the background a hexagram banjo partially built by my endorser, Bill Cooney. I am going to finish it out.  

I thought I would get at least some necks made today but setting up a router and table that Morgan gave me as an early birthday present took longer than expected. Look for rounded necks in the furture as I get over the learning curve on this thing. 

Here's a stack of raw materials.    Posted by Picasa



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