Sunday, February 14, 2016

Warren and Coraline Fish the Sabine...

It was a slow day of fishing action on the Sabine River even though we ended up with a decent pile of fillets. I don't think the white bass run is in full frenzy yet but it sure was a great day and a great place for grand kids to romp. 

Here you see Coraline and Warren scamper the great sand banks that line the river. Next time we bring cardboard to make a sled out of. 

I think Cathy put us to shame on the fish, She had 8, me and the kids had 4 and here is the one Mary caught. 

Very intent on fishing. 

It would be good for all to remember to keep your rod tip high. 

It's a long drag back up the bank. Don't keep more fish than you can carry. 


Friday, February 12, 2016

A Selfie, A Shirt, the Numbers...

People tell me all the time "I like looking at your pictures on the blog." Thanks. They are much to the dismay of my subjects, just that. Pictures of my subjects. I don't make many selfies. I look with great jealousy on those with the perfectly composed selfie all dignified, sexy, thoughtful, important and here I can't even figure out how to get the camera out of the shot.

This is a photo of me at the recent Galveston Mardi Gras. I am wearing a Neville Brothers "Mardi Gras to the World" t shirt that I bought at a Neville Brothers show in New Orleans at Mardi Gras time 1986. I think it's pretty cool I still fit in it after all these years and all these carnivals. Kind of a story goes with this shirt.

After attending this show and buying the t shirt (I can't remember the price in 1986 dollars) I wrecked my car on a foggy Louisiana highway. Seems another driver had run into the back of a wrecker towing a vehicle away from a wreck scene and I ran into the back of all that. Nobody was hurt, "at least not a lot" as singer songwriter Todd Snider says and though I did not drive the car home that day I saved the shirt. The car was fixed to return in glory to New Orleans several more times to later when I came to my senses or lost my mind depending on who's doing the telling was traded on a car that would transport a bunch of kids.  

So for the numbers. This event and t shirt date back 30 years. A Neville Brothers T shirt like this in good used condition, which this one might not qualify as sells for $45 on ebay. The car I wrecked was a 1984 Rocket 88. The person driving the car I ran into was 17 years old. He would now be 47 years old.  

I think I have the start of a good equation that given a cool shirt to wear I will be able to make the perfect selfie every time I try. The only number I need is the number of times I have been to Mardi Gras. I plug that in I might have something. 


Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Great Mardi Gras Tuba Thread...

I know there is a line in an old Mardi Gras tune that says "the big bass drum lead the big parade..." but what they don't mention is that the big bass horn, the tuba was right there with him. While at the Galveston Mardi Gras I made photos of many tuba players. If you visit my facebook page you will find an album of tuba player photos. I know that seems a bit like stalking, making pictures of unsuspecting tuba players but at least I aint stalking you. Besides maybe I after I have passed on into that great second line parade in the sky somebody will take a look at the pictures, but together an exhibition call it great art and my heirs will not have to walk anymore. I certainty won't be walking at that time in my career. 

This first guy is a member of an ensemble from Oregon call Love Bomb Go-Go. Pretty quirky group with costumes and dancing as well as traditional parade marching style.  I'll have a blog post on them later. 

Rest of these guys are high school tuba players and I am sorry I did not identify all the bands

Lost his mouthpiece but as you can see he's still pretty happy. Makes me recall fondly old Panther Stadium with the old wooden bleachers where it was pretty common for a tuba player to drop his mouthpiece through all the way to the ground. 

Yeah, we all looked like this at one time. 

That changes though as we grow into the horn. I know I'm still growing and compared to the skinny trombone player this tuba player is a grown ass man.  

Yes dear, girls can surely honk too. 

Looking proud, looking sharp. Doing right by us! 

No son, the man is not from Jupiter. It's the brand of his instrument. 

Trying to get to the front of the band to give them beads to a flute player. Trumpet player probably already gave her some.  

Big horn, big emotions to go with it. 

Bring it boys. 

Honking on that thing. 

This float passed a couple of times and had a little brass band that included three guys with matching silver upright tubas. Never heard them play a note. 

I am so jealous of the hair. 

I guess LM is the school logo but I remeber the good old days when tuba players smoked L&M cigs. 

Guy in the middle looks like he's taking a solo. 

Cool lids. 

Tuba player gets ready to leap a tall building. We can all do that. 

On an interesting side note an internet person claiming to be a high school tuba player apparently looked at an old blog post from 2006 on the subject of my tuba and sent me a message that we might could get together on a deal for me to sell it to him. One minute later he sent a message that said I see it's not for sale. Nine minutes later he sent another message and  offered $750 plus shipping which is probably not too bad a price. I know on occasion I have made people wish that me and my tuba would go away but it's not going anywhere today and in fact there is a project in the works. As I said earlier, that's another blog post. 


Thursday, February 04, 2016

Sometimes You Meet People...

I will always remember the first time I was at Mardi Gras and I strolled into the French Quarter all flush with excitement and freedom of being in a place and time where you could go anywhere or do anything with an adult beverage in hand. As I stood with my drink to enjoy a group of  musicians busking to a crowded street party breaking out everywhere to their groove a guy slipped up beside me and commented about how good the music was. It was good and we stood there in an easy camaraderie he suddenly leaned in close and said "hey give me a drink of that!" We weren't that good of friends. I told him to get lost. He did. 

Nowadays I know that having an adult beverage anywhere anytime is not really freedom and I have long given it up so nobody at Mardi Gras wants a taste of what I am having. I still do make friends and last weekend in Galveston was no different. 

Met these guys. First the crawfish dude. Now understand there were a lot of folks in zany costumes but this guy was not just one more. He was working and his job was street talking folks into the booth selling boiled craws. He strutted around in a shy funny little dance step of a walk pinching people with his soft costume claws. We got plates of craws and sat watching this guy and several folks stopped and asked where we got them. I indicated the booth behind us. It dawned on me that most people on the street were just thinking this guy was just another crazy Mardi Gras character. After a bit he stopped to take a break and I mentioned he should tell folks he was selling crawfish instead of just clowning around. Maybe he did maybe not. He was from New York though he mentioned his dad was a BOI. He also said he did not like crawfish. Least he was not eating up the booth profits.  

Now the guy in the hat. I asked if I could get a photo of him and Cathy together, He said "yeah, sure" but then after the photo he said "Oh hell. I forgot I had that hat on. My wife made me wear it." First how do you forget and poor wife. Probably blames everything on her. 

I just had to fly a drone over and get an aerial view of the hat. 

So who are you hanging out with this week?

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Sabine River White Bass Run...

It's on like a chicken bone. That's the Sabine River white bass run. River is at a good level and hopefully we won't have the blow out rains like we did last spring so that the next month or two should be should be some good fishing. Here's some photos of the trip me, Cathy, Beverly and Donnie took over there yesterday.

For boating fishermen the ramp was closed and also the road to the river which is just as well because my street tire equipped F-150 would have stuck like an Indian arrow. My cell phone step tracker said 900' to the river from where we parked. Even with walking in some people got stuck.
Donnie makes a cast. Beautiful clean sandy banks. The cut you see behind him is for the boat ramp.  There was a small dragline scooper crane parked there and I can imagine it's quite a job keeping the ramp cleared. I looked back at photos from a year ago and the river has configured the sand in different ways since then. Very clean area. After my last creek canoe near Rayburn where I spotted as many household appliances as I did game animals I don't know if the cleanness of this area is due to human activity or the power of water.  

Cathy holds up a keeper. 

Beverly holds up a keeper. 

I got one! 

Cathy's rod bends again! 

Speaking of animals can you spot the river otter? 

Final score is 13 white bass. Not a lot of fast action but every body caught a fish

As you may know white bass is kind of a rough fish with a strong taste best eaten fresh. Good big fillets that take well to the grill or the blackening pan with plenty of spice and hot sauce. We ate a mess of grilled fish, Donnie and Beverly took home a meals worth and that probably left us with some good grilling fillets for a four person dinner. Just a few of these things go a long way. 


Monday, February 01, 2016

So Much for a Quiet Weekend...

It was recently my birthday. We made a reservation at a nice hotel in Galveston and thought we would spend some time rounding the museums and having quiet dinners. Well we made a little bit of a miscalculation. It was the first weekend of the Galveston Mardi Gras. While it was not what we expected to be doing but we accommodated easily. New Orleans Mardi Gras was mine and Cathy's second date some many years ago but it was my first time for a Texas Mardi Gras. I think Cathy had been to Galveston when it was first reinstated after a long period of inactivity. It was a fine time, not crowed and very laid back and kid friendly. I am sure you could have found trouble if you wanted but all in all pleasant. 

We stayed at the Hotel Galvez. It opened for business in 1911. It's very nice and has hosted everyone from Presidents, show biz people and Generals. We were on the second floor. When LBJ was a congressman he stayed in a suite on the second floor. I don't think there are any suites on the second floor now so it was pretty easy to imagine walking in LBJs footsteps. Here is a view from the front door. 
One great perk of the hotel was the courtesy bikes. We have gotten into the habit of biking around town and Galveston is a great, flat place to bike. We never drove a our car while there. We used the hotel shuttle to the Strand one time and hitched a Uber ride one time. 

Here is Cathy in the dining room. Lots of nice places tucked away places to sit and take a rest after sightseeing on the island. Another great thing was the hot tub. We usually hot tub at home each evening so it was great, just like the biking to keep up home habits. 

More on Mardi Gras parades and tuba players in the marching bands later. I will mention that in keeping with the hotel which opened in 1911 we also dined at Gaidos which I think opened in 1909 and The Original Mexican Cafe which opened in 1916. Lots of old stuff to see and soak up.   

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Crazy People Blog Post...

Well you know how it gets. It gets busy. I don't think I got up a really good representation of the Christmas photos so here is a few that are not the nicest ones or the most posed ones or the ones where everyone was looking but just photos of my family having a good time. 
You got Minion glasses for Christmas? 

You did too? 

Me also! 

There's a real Minion. 
Miguel has glowing green ball envy as Morgan explains all the features. 

All starry eyed. 

Thought she saw something on the floor.

Everyone likes the latest fashions. 

Cathy is going to need more wipes after this is all said and done. 

Kids say the darnedest things.  
"...I know I've seen that face before," Big Jim was thinking to himself "Maybe down in Mexico or a picture up on somebody's shelf..."Bob Dylan from "Lilly Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts
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