Monday, November 12, 2018

Time For Another Big Giveaway...

I wrote my first blog post in this space way back in 2005. I was a bit more prolific than I have been lately, writing about feelings and all kinds of stuff like that verses the shameless self promotion I have descended into and someone who thought those early blog posts were good urged me to make money off of them. I note there is a place on my blog dashboard where I can click something called adsense and it purports to pay off like a slot machine. 

I never signed up for such and while not saying I never will I have followed a less conventional path to blog fundraising. I give away a big screen TV every so often. When I started way back in 2005 it was quite something to have a big screen or at least they tell me it is since I am the owner of a kind of medium screen but it seems that people whose house I go over to and there are not really that many of them, have a big screen in almost every room to watch while at the same time using a little screen. At the time I assumed the way I felt, I like to get something, that people would enjoy a chance to win. 

So once again we have big screens to give away. I note that there were 1,111 visitors to this blog site last week. There were a 127 yesterday. So for the small fee of $1 placed in an envelope with your return address of course and sent to my address:

Lufkin, Tx, 75901

I'll enter you in the give away. Don't worry, it will get to me. It always does. And out of 1000 or so visitors a month at $1 I should keep things running smooth and with high quality in my little internet universe. 

Here's the big screens I'll be giving away. I know one of them looks to be a big computer screen but those things are like record albums. Everybody wants them now. 

We even have a theme song:


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Paul Lil Buck Sinegal...

Last night Lil Buck Sinegal played the Live Oak Listening Room in Nacogdoches. If you don't know Lil Buck he was the guitar player in Accordion great Clifton Chenier's band playing on the album that put zydeco on the national map, Bougalusa Boogie, and also played with another great Buckwheat Zydeco. Lot of people have heard Lil Buck's guitar on Paul Simon's album Graceland. That was a recording that sold 16 million copies. 

Lil Buck lives in Lafayette, La. He is 74 years old and attends Mass daily. Down in Louisiana if your last name is Sinegal that is a sure sign your ancestors came here from the African country of Senegal. Lil Buck is a monster on the guitar.      

I have seen Sinegal several times. This is the second time on his own and I might have even seen him with Chenier or Buckwheat's band. memories from that long ago are a bit hazy. He has played the New Orleans Jazz Fest every year since the 70s. That's a Fender Stratocaster guitar he's playing and he gives a master class in how it should sound coving blues, Motown, New Orleans style R & B as well as zydeco. He amped up with kind of some unusual gear using a Crate Power block and a Marshall 4x12 cab to get some a good clean blues sound with just a bit of hair on it. 

The keyboard player was Buckwheat zydeco's son. I did not get his name. Bass was Lee Allen Zeno and drummer was Greg. 

Good photo of him playing his dad's accordion with Buckwheat's name engraved. 

Go see Lil Buck. He is a stone cool cat that can crank a guitar. 

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Monday, November 05, 2018

If You Don't Know the Story of the Baby in the Tuba...

People seem to like to see a photo of a baby stuck in a tuba. I must admit it's not an original thought of mine, but if you click this LINK you can see the practice goes back some time. 

So if we go back some time here is the first born grand child, Coraline and her tuba photo. It almost looks photoshopped but I can attest it is not. 

Then Warren got his chance.

Later on Ezra and Wallace did a group portrait and Wallace was not so happy about sharing his moment of fame with his cousin. 
This past weekend Parker got her chance and brave little one she is she did not even cry when she heard it play. Like my old friend Kenny said, "like breaking a dog into gun fire." 

Of course no one has like said anything like "well since old Pop Pop plays the tuba I'll do the keytar instead," as a form of rebellion yet.

So far Warren has been the most interested, which cooled a bit when it dawned on him that he would have to learn to read to play an instrument but of course that will probably happen. Right now Wallace does own his own trombone and Ezra is a fearless free style dancer so it still remains to be seen who carries on the baby in the tuba.  

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Friday, November 02, 2018

Swing Music...

To celebrate Bill Cooney's 87th birthday me and Cathy took him and Geneva to McGonigel's Mucky Duck in Houston to see Emily Gimble and the Marshal Ford Band. Emily is the Grand Daughter of Texas Playboy fiddle player and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Johnny Gimble. Marshal Ford is apparently the place where you crossed the river before the Mansfield Dam and Lake Travis went in. 

This was swing music at it's best. Of course they covered the old Texas favorites but and stretched it out to perform Louie Jordan numbers and a great version of Sweet Georgia Brown. Lot of originals by all band members. Great guitar by Greg Harkins. Drums by James Gwyn, bass by Kristopher Wade and fiddle by Danny Levin. All these guys are in other great bands. This is just a sideline for them to play good music. This was a cd release party and I purchased their last two releases.  

This was laying in a bar booth after the show. It's Greg's guitar rig, a great vintage set up of old Gibson archtop guitar and a 50s Gibson amp. Us the right stuff to get the right sound. 

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Latest Vinyl Buys...

I ran into a friend Joe the other day and we were standing around, supposed to be helping with a church project. I spotted an old record tucked into a bookcase and commented I thought I had that. Joe, who helps out with the Joseph House thrift store said if I'm still buying vinyl they had some. Finishing up chores I headed over there. I picked up this stuff for a buck a record. 

At the top is a Readers Digest Box Set of hits from the early 30s. I have been collecting these and have several big band and swing collections from the 30s and 40s. Good packaging, superb recording and sound these were owned by folks that took care of  records. Unlike a lot of used records from certain eras this has not seen the inside of a dorm room or had weed shifted and rolled on it. Back in the day I would not have been caught dead being so square as to own some Readers Digest thing but now, especially bought in a thrift store I love them. Looks to be a 1989 issue and apparently these sets cover everything from opera to Elvis. I Gave $7.99 for the 7 records in the set and that's about the going price. 

On the left is Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang. Johnny was born in 1903 and was an active performer from the late 30s to his death in 1983. This record looks to be some pop tunes, classical and marches. Johnny was a dwarf and a master of pantomime. Check this clip from the Milton Berle show. 

Next up is a couple of records that look to be some stone cold country. They are by Bill Nash and I say looks to be because they are sealed unopened records with nothing to indicate the date of production. Judging from the clothes it could be 70s-80s material. Recorded in Houston, Tx I have not decided on opening them just yet. It took a bit of looking but seems Bill was the first person to ever record a Kris Kristofferson song. Now a days Bill and his wife Kim seem to be performing gospel and patriotic material and I bet he is not covering some of this early stuff like "Two Drinks From Forgetting" and "Funky Hoedown." That's ok. I'm not covering some of my early stuff either. 

I think I will bust into these records.  And by the way don't bother with the vinyl at the Joseph House Thrift Store. I hear it's pretty picked over.  


Sunday, October 21, 2018

Big blue cats...

Cool day on the lake and we spent it floating the pool noodles to see if we could catch a big blue cat feeding up for the winter. 

You do know what we mean when we say floating noodles I hope. Take a kids pool noodle, cut it in several short lengths, tie a drop line with hook and weight and toss it over the side of the boat to float till a fish bites. Kind of like the James McMurtry song where he mentions catching a big old blue cat on a drifting jug line but in our case there are no connotations of meth, automatic weapons or incest. 

Cathy and her brother Matt hold up a fish. We had 7 cats today up to 4 pounds. 

Matt holds up one. When the noodle starts pulling up and down in the water your run the boat up there and using a hook on a stick, snag the line and then net the fish. It's kind of a good old man against beast struggle at the side of the boat. 

We had good bait today. A half dozen or so cast net throws at the boat ramp captured small sunfish, threadfin and gizzard shad. 

Of course some of these guys are swimming in our belly. 

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Dana Cooper...

Last night the Live Oak Listening Room in Nacogdoches , Tx hosted Dana Cooper. Cooper is a classic singer songwriter type guy, originally from Independence, Mo. He relocated to Houston in the mid 70s where Cathy became a big fan seeing the Shake Russell/Dana Cooper band many times as a teen. I can count several times I have seen Dana in Houston, Doches, Austin and Camp Street CafĂ© in Crockett, Tx. 

He's a song singer/story teller in the fine disappearing art of the traveling musician who has always led a much ore interesting life than you have. I connected to one of the song stories of how as a 13 year old in Independence he once threw a cherry bomb on Harry Truman's front porch.  I have toured the Truman home, it's pretty modest. I've stood on that porch and seen the kitchen where Harry patched his own linoleum. Dana mentioned later in the show how at this time of his life he had managed to accumulate several hundred dollars in savings. At the time he threw the firecracker Harry was living on the pension of a WW I artillery man and it was not until 1966 that congress voted ex presidents a pension so at the time Harry probably had as much money as Dana does now. 

I don't know a lot about how the Live Oak came to be. A couple of friends invited us to this show I met the owner, Woody. It's the old Live Oak Baptist church and while most of the interior has been left just as it was the walls are hung with creations by local artists. 

Dana mentioned that he had 28 albums since his first release in 1970 that featured him backed by Los Angeles studio heavy weights Leland Sklar and Russ Kunkel.  

Great venue, good show. 


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