Thursday, October 12, 2017

Randolph Street Market...

With the birth of another grandchild in Chicago there is no end to the trips of the future (band name alert) to that area. There is little end to the amusements of the city and this last visit we went to the Randolph Street Market for an afternoon. 

This market is an event that runs in the summer. It's artists, music, food, vintage clothing and other antique goods. Not really a cheap afternoon, admission is a tener and you can buy a season pass if you want to visit multiple weekends.

Cathy, Katie and Peter cruise the inside booths. Vintage clothing is pricy and there were a lot of stuff in wool. If I was in Chicago much in the winter I think I would have bought something. Hard to find big guys sizes sometimes in the vintage racks but there seem to be things that fit and were affordable. I did spot a 1930 mackinaw priced at $270. A little steep but in mint condition I'd be styling. If I ever needed to dress right, I know where to look. 

I did not get a photo of the outside vendors but there was a little stage with music. Here is a bluegrass band I saw. 

Next up was a Chicago blues band. I didn't get the names of these groups but they were smooth and tuneful and I tossed money to the tip jar for the privilege of making photos. Pay the players! 

So my haul for the day? Since the weather was hotter than usual I scored a pretty nice African straw hat, bought from real Africans quickly on arrival to prevent sunburn to my ever more visible scalp. Cathy even said it fit well and she don't say that about many of my hats. Other finds were a western string tie, not vintage but cheaper than brand new at the western store, a silver bracelet that actually fits my big old wrist and a water buffalo skin man purse from Nepal that hold my camera, extra batteries and phone real comfortably.

Recalls me a story of how one time the band Devo was going to collaborate with rock/folk singer Neil Young on a video or movie. They were instructed to buy costumes and save the receipts for reimbursement. Being from some kind of thrifty garage rock roots Devo went to K-Mart and spent something like $113.50. I think things were pretty strange like salad bowls for hats and such. My hat is better than that and I did not even come very close to the $113.50.       


Monday, October 09, 2017

Suspicious Packages...

No not a name for our new band. I mean we don't have a new band so we don't need a new name. It's not something that Wally G or Big E left for Pop Pop to find. If you are like me though and find yourself at border crossings, bus stations, airports and train ("Play a Train Song") platforms from Boquillas to the Vltava River you have heard the announcement, saw the sign "Watch for and don't accept suspicious packages. 

I know, everybody is scared of one thing or another.  On a recent Houston evening, after a rain that washed the humidity out of the air we came around a downtown street corner looking for a restaurant to meet Ali and Morgan. The place chosen  had modeled it's self on southern kitchen cooking and as it came into view I spotted outside seating crowded with young non native Houstonians in the tribal garb of light blue long sleeve shirts and tan slacks who had poured from the high rise offices way above our heads to have their after work fun. Everybody is scared of one thing or another and light blue shirts and tan slacks has always kind of been it for me but now a days I have enough money to join right in at these kind of places even though I might be dressed all funky and cool and we got a good table. Seemed at the end of the street though we might get some kind of show with our drinks. There were a bunch of fire trucks about a block down. 

Right before taking an outside table I spotted a little scrawny street person looking black man. He had a kind of suspicious package under his arm but I though hey, he might be the mayor of this block or something so I ask him "What's going on?" He said "Dey smoke comin' outta o dem bushes." Caught up on events, we took a table.   

They brought us tonic and lime in big mason jars just like at grandma's house and we settled in the watch the smoke, the guys in blue shits and slacks and just enjoy the mild weather. Only thing someone decided it would be bad if the smoke turned to something worse so the precaution was made to move all inside. We still got a good table. I ate a shrimp po boy. The blue shirts seemed to be on the company tab. The smoke curled up from the bushes. I did not see the street dude again. 

After awhile the fire trucks left, city crews puttered around at some kind of clean up which was probably boring and welcome after Hurricane Harvey activity which had been about three weeks before this. We left for other fun elsewhere. The blue shirts stayed. 

I note that a border crossing at Boquillas now requires a passport. Two guys in 1970s cop show windbreakers wearing pistols got on a bus I was riding from Prague to Munich and looked at my passport. It was not like that before suspicious packages. 


Sunday, October 08, 2017

Wallace Grover Tulloch...

It's time for another new blog character. Meet Katie and Peter's son Wallace Grover. Born Oct 7th at 4:02 weighing in 6lbs 10 oz at 19.5 inches long he is a little early but ready to go. Here are some photos. 

The old where am I and how did I get here photo. 

Mom and baby

Dad and baby. 


Ya'll might have to wait for the baby in the tuba photos. Wallace will pay an East Texas visit sometime during the Christmas season which looks to last well into January for us. 


Friday, October 06, 2017

What You Going to Eat...

I have always kind of been the weird guy, doing different things, finding out new stuff. This time I was the weird guy making pictures in a Chicago grocery store of the food and I did that because things were different than in the local stores but I got a feeling there might be change in the wind even around here. 

This was a local store in the PK neighborhood. It's a neighborhood undergoing gentrification but there are a lot of different kind of people around. You can see that from the bean isle  in the store. As you see there is a bean for everyone. There is a bean for the Puerto Rican,  The Dominican, The African American maybe the Haitian and I guess a white guy like me could even find a bean on these shelves somewhere.  

I should have made a photo in the coffee section. 

Here's something else, but I don't know exactly what. Maybe nuts, roots, taters bet I could get them cooked. Gotta be hungry enough. 

More food. I think for sure these are roots. Be good baked, boiled, or fried. Some of us know what we are doing. 

So if you are not an expert, a trier of new things or just a plain coward when it comes to the new and different move on along. 

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Monday, October 02, 2017

I'm Sorry It's Too Late for Some...

I call for gun control now. All your arguments are bullshit. 


Friday, September 29, 2017

Tedeschi Trucks Band in Concert...

Last week we took an evening out on the town of Houston with Morgan and Ail and saw the Tedeschi Trucks Band in concert. If you don't know and you should that it's a husband and wife team of Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks. They got a big funky soul/southern rock/jazz/blues/micro tonal/world music/Coltrane influenced band that really goes to town. 

Now I gotta tell you, I never saw Lynyerd Skynyerd and I never saw Molly Hatchet. But I sure as heck saw B.B. King, Albert King, Earl King, Buddy Guy, SRV, Lonnie Mack, Santana, Bo Diddly, Sonny Landreth, Brownie McGee, Jimmie Vaughn, Robert Randolph, Jr. Brown, Gatemouth Brown, Johnny Winter, Max Reynolds and a heck of a lot of other guys and gals I can't bring to mind right now and I must say that Derek is pretty much a beast. An Alien. Maybe the best there is. He was raised to it. His Uncle is the late Butch Trucks of Allman Brothers fame so he has been around soaring melodic take the jams to the next level all his life. He plays in open E tuning, fingers and slide. 

Susan is a power house singer with a blues career all her own before her marriage to Derek. She is no slouch on guitar either. Use Youtube. There are some clips of her throwing down with the big boys that leaves nothing on the table. 

I think the first time I saw Derek was about 13 years ago at the Howlin Wolf Bar in New Orleans. The later Col. Bruce Hampton was also there. Me and Bill Cooney stood right in front and thought Derek's drummer was going to jump from his drum set on to us. The next day at the Jazz Fest Bill found himself hanging with Derek while they watched sax great Ornette Coleman. Derek confided in Bill that he hated it when his drummer did that. 

Next time we saw Derek was at another jazz fest and he was married to Susan by then and this big band was really starting to roll. 

Horn section and backup singers who also took lead vocal turns. Who could not like a band with a trombone? 

Here's Derek and his brother Duane who was in the opening band Todd Snider and the Hardworking Americans as well as holding the drum chair for Jam Band Widespread Panic. They jammed on "Statesboro Blues." I have heard that the new release has a killer cover of the Beatles/George Harrison tune from Sgt. Pepper's "Within You Without You."  

Don't ever say there is no good new music. There is just music you have not heard yet. 


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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Tulloch Baby Shower...

The excite builds. Just a few more weeks and we will have a new grandson. This weekend we went to Chicago for the baby shower thrown for Katherine and Peter by their friends. Due date is Oct 24th or as some say it will be born on the day the Astros win the world Series. I think if the Astros and Cubs happen to play and I don't know if that is even possible there will be some decisions made as to loyalties. 

  For the record a name has not been decided on but there have been names picked. They are waiting till birth to gauge personality to see what fits. In the running according to current favorites are Wallace (Wally) Woodrow (Woody) and Winthrop. I'll probably call him little mudbelly if no one else claims that pretty soon.


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