Sunday, August 02, 2015

More lake fun...

We have managed a couple of lake trips so far this weekend. Rose and the grandkids came up for our second one on Saturday and we got in some more good knee boarding. I even managed to get up for a ride. It's kind of my health check each year to see if I can still pull it off. I think maybe before next year I need to work on the cardio a bit. 

This photo makes it look like it took a small nuclear explosion to get my big butt up and going. After mt ride Coraline said, "Ok, we better get him home now." 

Rose is up and gone!

Grandma explains to a first timer. "When Pop Pop hits the gas water is going to go up your everywhere." 

Looks like he knows what he's doing but actually Warren would only hold on for about 20 feet. He never too a bad fall. Not bad for a first try at 2 and a half years old. 

Coraline is an old pro at 5 years old. She kept saying to us "Don't let go of the rope!" 

Mary rides the knee board about every way it can be rode. I think she goes backwards as well as she goes forwards. In this photo she stands. Knee boards are not really designed for standing and riding. That's why we call her Mary the Muscle. 

Just in case you are wondering I did not have to take a nap on the way back to the boat ramp after my ride.

Hey, aren't you supposed to be watching for stumps? 


Saturday, August 01, 2015

It's slightly cooler this weekend. The deer are out, the grand kids are in for a brief visit and after a busy period of family business, traveling and so on we are just enjoying it lazing around.

Cathy snapped this photo as we pulled up to the boat ramp on Sam Rayburn yesterday. A few days ago after a solo canoe voyage I was leaving this same ramp and about at this spot in the road a deer darted across and I narrowly missed him. Gave my canoe hauling tie down system a good test when I slammed on the brakes.   


Thursday, July 30, 2015

We Ask Again the Eternal Question...

By the way, this is not a selfie. It should be comforting to you and I know it definitely eases my mother's mind as this photo is proof that we do use safety equipment while producing this blog. My mother does not actually read this blog because she has no computer and the small font is difficult for her to see but I have full confidence that another blog reader will call her and hopefully mention that we had on our life jackets. Again, by the way, does this life jacket make his butt look big? If so he will take it off but not right now. If you are going to take anything, shake anything in the canoe let me get my camera back in the dry storage.
The girls take a swim. These are not girls we met while canoeing. We brung them with us. 

So far each time I have had the canoe out I have caught at least one fish, sometimes more. They have not been large and beg the asking of the eternal question. 


Monday, July 27, 2015

More Music You Might LIke...

I am so far behind in blog writing I am going to reach back to our last New Orleans trip for some photos of the Wood Brothers. 
The Wood Brothers are Chris on string bass and Oliver on guitar. It's a kind of folky blues/Americana thing going on that has chord progressions you have heard before but what makes it a bit different is that the phrases resolve a bit differently that you might expect in ways that are unexpectedly pleasing and  surprising to the ear.  

Multi instrumentalist Jano Rix plays drums, melodica and and unusual percussion instrument the shuitar. 

Here's a close up of the shuitar headstock. Careful with that spelling. Some people call my playing "shitar." 

Oliver plays some cool guitars. Here's a nice thin hollow body Guild. 

Chris on bass. 

Jano on melodica. 

Check these guys out. Their new album is due in October. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I Resume a Dormant Hobby...

My wife thinks this hobby is me trying to get my butt kicked. The hobby is me taking pictures of people of interest to me, without their knowledge and of course I avoid getting my getting my butt kicked while I'm doing it. I know it seems a bit creepy and slightly stalkerish but it is the age of people of Walmart and while doing this both me and the person I took a picture of had their clothes on so I figure no harm done. 

Here is a guy I spotted in the Chicago airport. We were waiting on the same plane so this could have gone madly badly wrong if we had ended up being assigned to the same row of seating. This is the photo I got. 
This guy is reading a book called "You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life."  Here is a crop of the cover.

And if you still doubt me I snatched this copy and paste off Amazon. It's a self help book. 

Ok so no debates here on the definition of greatness or the fact that awesome is a word that grew cold about five years ago and in some circles never even got warm. No review or discussion of the author's previous work which was titled "Never Sleep With Your Drummer"  is required because I have never done such even though it is now legal for me and the drummer to take out a marriage licence. I think we should talk about what would make a better book. 

I think a better book would be "The Times I Tried to be a Badass and Failed." Lot more insight to be gained here. If some one just tells you how to do something it takes away the critical thinking aspect. You might as well be making cookies. Lot more handy to know the things to avoid.  

And that gets a bit harder as you age when you aren't as good looking, not so quick to duck, not so fast of foot, too loose with the tongue and slower with the wit. I don't know if getting away with this photo makes me a badass or just a mean person but I think I could write that book.  


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Traveling with the Grandkids...

We flew to Evansville,Indiana with Coraline and Warren to visit Cathy's sister Margaret, husband Kevin and their kids Grayson and Addison. Thanks a bunch to our host. We had a great time relaxing, not doing anything that was too hard and just watching the kids play. 

Despite the glare from the sunroom/green house space behind the kitchen I think you can get the idea that this was a group that could put the hurt on some carrot sticks and mac and cheese. 

Shave ice killers at the farmers market. Warren looks like somebody put whiskey in his shave ice 

Mr. Don't know it's over my head meet your swim wings. 


Double diving. 

I think that's a swan dive. 

Somebody thought they saw a catfish in the pool. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Bromance...

You know, a bromance. It's where two guys get together, don't need no stinking Supreme Court rulings or nothing like that and have fun. I mean lots of fun. 
It's a good kind of multi generational multi cultural fun. These guys hang out, ride a jet ski, listen to Def Leopard and go to Bass Pro Shops. They dance a little cumbia and bust a pinata.    

The good times roll and they don't mind letting it show. 

"Be back a little later, don't wait up!" 


"...I know I've seen that face before," Big Jim was thinking to himself "Maybe down in Mexico or a picture up on somebody's shelf..."Bob Dylan from "Lilly Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts
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