Sunday, February 09, 2014

An Anniversary...

I don't have a good photo for this story. That's why I use this tuba picture. It's always been there and though sometimes it sits in the corner unplayed I'll always have it. The thing this anniversary marks is the loss of the job I used to have at the old paper mill. I though I would always have that because my dad and mom worked there and for so long it was such a stable place. I guess if they had not met there I would not have worked there for the 25 years I did. Times change and the mill was shut down. February 8th marked 10 years since I walked out the door for the last time.

I actually drove by the place today on my way into town. Not on purpose but just because it is the route I always use to the particular destination I was headed to. There is some kind of oil reclamation business using a small part of the grounds but the rest is being torn down. I guess I could have made a photo of the destruction but I didn't. One day a grandchild will drive me past the flat spot in the ground where the place was and I'll try to explain that I worked in a big factory right there and they will think I am crazy. It does seem like a dream. All those days and nights spent out there are distant. Much has happened in the last decade and it has been a good one for me. 

The short course is I did fine and many of you know the story from following the things I have written about on these pages the past few years. I hit the ground running, went to school, changed my life. I had help in the form of the support of my wife, family and school money available to people that lost their jobs under  the circumstances I did. I had help through various mentors in my field. I had good companies want to hire me. 

I know things did not go so great from everyone that lost the good blue collar jobs the mill represented. I am thankful each day that I have a good job that is interesting, in a nice facility with smart, pleasant coworkers. I probably have another decade or so to work. I think I can stand it because if for some reason I have to reinvent myself again I know I know how. 


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