Sunday, April 20, 2014

You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine...

Folk singer, I guess he still considers himself a folk singer, Bob Dylan said that. It crossed my mind when I looked at this photo of Warren and a goat made at the petting zoo during a recent downtown event. They don't seem to want to notice each other. The more I thought about it the deeper I went as it brought up other connections to things I had seen, things I had read. 
Shortly after Christmas I was doing some reading on David Byrne's blog. He was in the old band the Talking Heads. I know some that only read this blog will be shocked to know there are other blogs. I stumbled on Roger Mcguinn's blog one time. Roger was in the really old band the Byrds. Both those blogs are kind of like mine. Middle age to elderly gentleman make pictures of stuff and write about it. I hope Roger is not offended that I called the Byrds a really old band. They do date to the 60s. By all accounts he is a fine fellow. Now the Talking Heads date to the late 70s-90s and don't seem like that old of a band to me because I kind of missed out on their music at the time. I was off somewhere trying to be Jerry Lee Lewis. Only thing was I did not own a piano. 

But back to Byrne's blog. I actually posted a link to it. He visited New Orleans over Christmas. About the same kind of trip and activities I do. Being a New York City guy he was surprised that when you are in the South, just standing around somewhere people you don't know that are also standing around will come up and start talking to you. I do this myself. I don't know if I have done it to David Byrne. He's  a big city guy where the world just hustles past you and this surprised him.   

One time I was in the big city. I was riding the Chicago Transit Authority. No, that's not the horn based band all us marching band geeks were crazy about in the 70s. It's a public transportation train. People packed on this train like clams and nobody is shooting the shit with each other. All quiet on the Great Lakes kind of thing or maybe they are just minding their own business. Two guys sitting across from me sharing a narrow subway seat and they could not be more different. One fat. One skinny. Different races. One wears a Cubs hat. The other wears Bears and so on. They aint even looking at each other but kind of turned away like Warren and the goat are. The thing that really got me though is that in the confines of that narrow seat, their butts were touching. I don't know about you but when in a situation like that, touching another persons butt, on purpose, by accident or out of necessity I will speak at least a word or two to that person. 

So I guess that brings us back to you blog readers. I can talk to you. I can feel close. I wear a hat when I write this blog and I bet you wear one when you read. I listen to old bands that are probably way older than what you think is old.  And we don't have to touch butts. 



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