Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Most of the Time When I Look Like I am Just Standing There Looking...

Most of the time when I am just standing there and I look like I am just looking I am really watching something. I know it's a fine line, to be able to tell the difference in these two things. My wife can but there are not many others. I was watching the action on the street during a recent New Orleans visit. 

Everyone I was with had just gone in some type of trendy shop. It was on a corner and little did I know they would exit a door on the other side and leaving me there lost and looking, I mean watching. That's another story but I managed to make good use of my time observing and making photos of two Louisiana State Troopers. 

The NBA Allstar game was in town so there was a lot of VIP type things going on all around and lots of police. Two Troopers roar up each in SUV type vehicles. One parks easily in a parallel spot. There's a little room in front of him. and the other tries for this. Now people, I am just an old tuba player, losing his lip and not good at math at all but I can tell right away just from looking, I mean watching that an SUV will not fit in this spot. It takes him several tries at parallel parking to learn this. Lucky for him about two cars down the street there is an amply sized spot and he gets it. That never happens for me. I mean finding a quick and easy parking place in the French Quarter. I do occasionally get it though. 

Anyway it seems that there is quite a ritual for these guys once parked and out of the car. They each removed their licence plates. I asked my son in law who is a Texas Trooper about this and he said "Yeah people steal them all the time." Seemed no big deal for a Texas Trooper to drive around without plates. Then there was the hats. I know Texas Troopers got to wear them out of the car. One of these LSP boys forgot his but luckily his buddy was watching out and sent him back to get it.  

Anyway while watching I did what my wife says is going to sooner or later get my butt kicked and that is make photos of people unawares. I made this photo because this guy had something interesting in the back of his car. I even got a photo of another guy looking, I mean watching.
What's that in the back. Let's zoom.
It's quickrete! What's he doing with this? I did not get a photo of the back of the other troopers car so I don't know what he had. If I watch and bide my time I might get a look in the back of a Texas Troopers car. Hopefully it will be my son in laws and not one where I am sitting on handcuffs. 



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