Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It Came With It's Own Power Spot...

Here's a photo of the beach house we rented for vacation. It's call the Boat House and it's at Surfside beach.
It's very handy especially for the less mobile folks like Don Miguel who other wise could not have made the trip. It has ramps up, down from the porch and to the beach. Here's Miguel and daughter Selena. 

One of the things that was great for me and there were many great things was that bench you see in the back ground behind Miguel and Selena. I think there was some kind of mystical link there that I could spiritually sense when I was on it. 

I have met power spots that made me feel this way before. Usually some old rotted porch on a house way out in the country used for a stage where it seemed like I could play guitar really well and because of the isolation as loud and as long as I wanted or maybe a New Orleans street corner when the unexpected is always seen. Seems like these days I have managed to be able to raise my hands above my head and summon that lightening bolt spark where ever I am and the power spot thing has not been so important. 

I took good advantage of my new found power spot at the beach house. About every other day on vacation I would roll up a beach towel for a pillow and stretch out for a nap on this bench in the soft warm Gulf breeze. And I would be laid out like the girl on the cooling floor in Blues man Son House's sad sad song "Death Letter." Just like that girl people would come up to me and peer right down in my face and say "Mudbelly you ok? You wanna go ina house to sleep?" you comfortable?" Yes it was a most comfortable place that fit me well. Unlike the girl in the song I was not waiting on judgment day. I was getting ready, resting, going on to the next thing soon. 


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