Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I'm Tired...

Of changing boat trailer tires. I know some will say "well he ran the tires off that trailer going to the lake so much." Kind of the case as I had to change a tire the second time in just a few weeks. 
This tire is one of the originals that was on the trailer 8 years old. It's mate got replace two years ago when a knot arose on it. This one hulled it's self out a few weeks ago on the way to the lake. I replaced it with the spare. This was a trip I blogged about, tire change, big storm, Cathy caught the most fish, got stuck in the yard and so on. Given the track record and if I was betting the odds I figured no more flats this summer and no spare needed. 

Not the case. Looks like on the way to the lake Saturday I lost a boat fender which damaged this two year old tire. Thankfully I made it to the lake for a great ski trip with the Finans and made it home ok afterwards. Ten ply rules. 

Tires are replaced. Ready to go. Think I'll get a new jack soon. The one I keep in the boat is from a homemade stretching machine that Mr. Cummings, one of my old Taekwondo instructors made from an old jack and a ratchet. If these tires last a good long time I might be to old and weak to manipulate such a device the next time. As the title of this blog indicates, the older you will get...


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