Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Are Your Pictures Yours...

I knew a guy one time. It was back in the days when you had to take your photo film (grand pa, is film what you are spitting up?) to the drug store for development. He thought that if you had a really good scenic photo taken on your vacation the people who saw it first, the developers, would sell your scenic view to the postcard companies. He claimed he had seen photos he had taken at the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Old Stone Fort and other places for sale in the tourist souvenir stores. 

I did not much buy this. I think there is probably only a limited number of places you can stand to make a picture of the Old Stone Fort so if me and you both have a Brownie camera I bet our photos are going to look about the same.  Now given a nice camera and a trained eye a good photographer might come up with an extraordinary shot. I don't think this guy I used to know had a trained eye and I think he was mistaken about the photo on the postcard being one of his. 

The internet has changed all this and I don't think people use postcards all that much anymore. Now I think my pictures and pictures people make of me end up online somewhere. In fact I know that whenever I put up a photo of my wife in a bathing suit it automatically ends up on some hot chick web site. See some guys can't make it on their own thing. That's why they must piggy back on the thing you do which is being married to a hot chick. 

So this brings us around to a recent fishing trip. We are tied up on the secret spot and down the lake comes this. 
Looks like he's headed right to us. I had to take my hat off to get this next photo.

Somewhere on the internet is a pontoon boat/hot chicks fish web site and pictures of me doing my thing are all over it. 



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