Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Strange Reports and Sightings So Far This Week...

Two people have told me that they saw on TV that the battle of Armageddon was imminent.  This would have been cause for alarm had they not both given different locations that the battle was supposed to take place. Kind of like the weather reports it does depend on which station you watch sometime. They don't always get it right. Then there was the other guy who just no said "aren't you Mandy Patinkin?" I was standing in line at at Old Souls food truck. I was was not singing and apparently just getting by on looks alone. I said "Who?" He said "Haven't you seen the Princess Bride?" I haven't. Again watching different stations. 

I saw the thrash metal band Gwar and made their photo this summer at Riot Fest in Chicago. Some parts of the theatrics had an apocalyptic feel to them. If you don't know Gwar and I admit I did not before this show. They are a band that has created a huge barbaric interplanetary display of violence, blood, political, scatological and sexual shock rock. A little bit of deft maneuvering of props and sage presence and Ammageddon could be worked in.  At riot fest that day you could always tell who had been up front for this set. They were covered in fake blood. 

And before you say "well mudbelly, I was shocked to see a nice boy like you at the concert." Well I was shocked to see you there because a little internet research shows that since 1984 Gwar has sold 800,000 records as well as comic books, games, lunch boxes, a cartoon, a board game (I have bought none of this) and well you know just all those shameless self promotion things an artist can get sucked into and that I wish I could break into myself. 

Here's the photos. 

Ok, I understand if you are a little more comfortable with Mandy Patinkin and want to stand in a food truck line with him. To be honest I have not thought about Gwar since the day I made these photos, I watch very little TV and am certainly in no position to be guessing on Armageddon. 


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