Thursday, July 23, 2015

I Resume a Dormant Hobby...

My wife thinks this hobby is me trying to get my butt kicked. The hobby is me taking pictures of people of interest to me, without their knowledge and of course I avoid getting my getting my butt kicked while I'm doing it. I know it seems a bit creepy and slightly stalkerish but it is the age of people of Walmart and while doing this both me and the person I took a picture of had their clothes on so I figure no harm done. 

Here is a guy I spotted in the Chicago airport. We were waiting on the same plane so this could have gone madly badly wrong if we had ended up being assigned to the same row of seating. This is the photo I got. 
This guy is reading a book called "You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life."  Here is a crop of the cover.

And if you still doubt me I snatched this copy and paste off Amazon. It's a self help book. 

Ok so no debates here on the definition of greatness or the fact that awesome is a word that grew cold about five years ago and in some circles never even got warm. No review or discussion of the author's previous work which was titled "Never Sleep With Your Drummer"  is required because I have never done such even though it is now legal for me and the drummer to take out a marriage licence. I think we should talk about what would make a better book. 

I think a better book would be "The Times I Tried to be a Badass and Failed." Lot more insight to be gained here. If some one just tells you how to do something it takes away the critical thinking aspect. You might as well be making cookies. Lot more handy to know the things to avoid.  

And that gets a bit harder as you age when you aren't as good looking, not so quick to duck, not so fast of foot, too loose with the tongue and slower with the wit. I don't know if getting away with this photo makes me a badass or just a mean person but I think I could write that book.  



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