Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Late Afternoon After the Rain Fishing Trip...

Some one mentioned to me this weekend "seems like the blog has slowed down some." I guess I could go into greater detail about what I'm up to. Cathy will hate that. She thinks it's too much already. I could just make up stuff. Some think I do that too. One thing I do do (I know you thought it was a family blog) is go cat fishing. What the world needs now is one more photo of Cathy holding a cat fish. Well here it is. 

It rained yesterday. Almost all day and some reported up to 5 inches. When it quit we headed to the lake. We hit up an old reliable sport  first but with the wind from the north east (I know fish bite least) it put the boat in a different position. Either the fish were not there or we just could not get a hook to them so we headed out to a new spot that we caught a few fish at last trip and it paid off. They were there. 

If you are familiar with our tactics you know we chum for cats with soured grain. They smell it and it concentrates them where we want to cast. Won't work just anywhere because the cats have to be close by on some fishy underwater structure. I think one of those structures was right behind the boat because I caught them there and it was not the spot I tossed the chum. 

We won't say who caught the most today but I think they could not see me because of the camo shirt. 

Lots of critters spotted today. Gators, big turtles, wood ducks, great blue herons and the white herons, osprey eagles, and song birds of all types. As darkness fell in the photo above my rod tip points to the far bank where something started howling.  

Cathy covers in a Mexican blanket for the after dark ride across the lake. You know how those fancy bass fishermen wear those sponsor shirts and have wraps on their boats? We are going to go for this kind of sponsorship. I think we will contact Carlos Castenada, Jimbo Mathis and the Knockdown Society and Creek Bottom Smith to see if they want a piece of this action.  

One of the kids commented on a facebook photo that "the old man is going to die in a boat, happy." I was glad happy was attached to that. Ok, there are those out there that have been there done that and made the after dark run across Big Sam with me hair flying and not looking where I going too many times. Is this what they mean? 

Final count was 40 catfish. Most were a little below average size. Still a lot of male fish. Big females not in the shallow water yet. We put 7 pounds of fillets in the freezer and fried and ate 2 pounds right out of the skillet with hot sauce as the only side dish.   

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