Monday, May 12, 2014

Babylon Breakers...

The Standpipe Coffee House went international this past weekend (again) with a punk rock band from Japan, You can call it punk or what ever it was just plain old rock to me that the Babylon Breakers played. I got a couple of cell phone photos and I am sorry to say I did not take a photo of local favorites Social Bliss who also played. That's ok, I was dancing and I think I have had their photo here before. 

I liked the Babylon Breakers as a choice for a name. In the apocalyptic portions of the Bible Babylon is often referred to and is thought to mean the Old Roman Empire. Singers of reggae music, who are often Coptic Christians speak of Babylon. I think those reggae singers were talking about the bad things in American culture as Babylon. Glad the Breakers got here to do something about that.    
Speaking of breaking Babylon I think the crowd at the Standpipe was up to the task that night. In addition to the Asians in the band I spotted white people, black people, brown people, a person using an assertive device, orange hair, young, old, male, female, hippies and so on. That's how you break Babylon folks. If you are hanging with only people who look like you you might not be getting the big picture. You might have been at home thinking you were getting the big picture by watching your TV and having some man tell you how white your shirts can be between proclamations of how bad things are but I think you might better think again about that. 

The gear hound that I am I can write about good old loud music with out mentioning the gear used by the band. Now I like my flange and delay and I got some gadgets. I have also written occasionally here how if I stand at the counter in the local music store three out of five people will buy some piece of gear I have no idea what it is.  The Breakers had a pretty simple set up. Fender guitars of a design born in the 50s. Tube amps by the Peavey Musical Instrument Company which are made in Meridian, Mississippi and based on 1940s circuits. Always be aware of the guy that shows up at your jam with a Peavey. Peavey gear does not always get the respect more hallowed brands do but I guarantee the guy that owns it will ring more out of it that some one else with something all new and shiny. That is exactly what this guy did. 

I guess this turned into another subversive blog post. Why do I wake up feeling this way? Don't trust a home with out a guitar. If your friends all look like you you might be in down town Babylon. 

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