Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cigar Box Guitar with a Magnetic Pick-Up...

I have built a magnetic pickup cigar box guitar, the which is the regular type pick up like you see on electric guitars to transmit the string vibrations, once before. I have done it again. While that early try was a little rudimentary I thought the sound was good so I used the same type of single coil pickup as before. It's on a composite wood Java cigar box. 
I guess this is a pretty good camera. The dust is still visible. I came straight from the work shop. 
As it is a single coil pick up the sound is clean with one of my battery powered home built 2 watt amps. Acoustic sound is also clean and clear, nice but no great shakes for volume. This pick up should allow rock band volumes possible with out the feed back that the piezo pickups are prone to. Personally I don't mind fighting a bit of feed back. It's what makes an electric guitar become like a live thing, like a car driven down a crooked dirt road 90 miles per hour barely guided and like a thing adults and squares don't like. Next time I am in a recording mood I'll break out a tube amp and a fuzz pedal and see if it will do what I think it will. After all, cars drive fast down dirt roads don't always stay on the road. 
Volume and tone pots.Don't fear mom and dad. It only goes to "10." 

BB fret markers IV, V, and octave frets. It's to be played with a slide. Strings are lap steel height. 

Head stock is thin but sturdy. I needed the piece under the nut to get a bit more break over angle on the strings for better acoustic tone. 

This guitar is for sale. Make me an offer. Guitars similar to this are $125 or perhaps more with the fancy pick up on E Bay. I'll entertain your offer because I'd rather see an instrument in your house than have you watching TV. 




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