Sunday, January 18, 2015

First Catfish Trip 2015...

We were out yesterday for some fishing with Cousin Beverly and her husband Donnie. While the catfish were not burning it up a a bight sunny, cool windy day we did manage enough for a fish fry. Here;s the crew that staffed the boat yesterday. 
We always give awards on fishing trips. Someone has to always get the award for the smallest fish. I got it on this trip. For the record he is not swimming in my belly. 

What Cathy is saying in this photo is "one more unflattering picture of me on the blog." I guess that's an award of sorts. In some circles people fight or pay big money to get their photo on this blog.  

Donnie "I don't get cold" get the warmest award. Beverly gets the lying husband award.  

We ended up with 14 small keepers, just right for a fry. I am getting real spoiled eating all these fresh fish.  It seems like I am getting more in tune with when fish is less than fresh if I order it in a restaurant. 

The big white pelicans that migrate in from the Great Lakes region are back. This is a zoomed up shot of a flock that was maybe a 100 birds with many following cormorants (in this photo giving the pelicans a "I want to be you when I grow up" look and gulls.  The pelicans swim along and eat 4lbs of fish a day. That's 400Lbs of fish for this group. That cormorants and gulls follow behind taking their leavings. I think supporting this kind of bird activity gives a pretty good indication of how healthy the fish population is on the lake. 

 They were moving with the wind. I think a good project for the future is some drift fishing behind this feeding frenzy.   



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