Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Good Luck of Europe...

You know how it is with this blog. I look at stuff and decide what it means. Some think I don't always decide right. After traveling in Europe we saw lots of things, new things and as with large cities what you end up getting is your city. Someone else visits and they see different things and they get their city. I think I have so photographic evidence that Europeans, or at least the tourist that visit the historical sites are superstitious.  

There are lots of statues in Europe. I mean there are a lot of statues everywhere but face it, Europe is the old world and no matter what happens in downtown Huntington there are great things that happened way back in the day before the red light on highway 69 was installed. Here's some evidence of how statues in Europe bring good fortune. 

A statue in Munich. It's obvious that the right breast has some kind of mojo. It's polished shiny by millions of hands compared to the worn weather look of the rest of the statue.   

Some old king. That part of the armor or even court dress was called the braguete. It sort of hid the opening before zippers were invented and men and women were both still wearing something like a dress. The Church did not much care for this style. You can see once again the effect of many touches. Makes me wonder what the effect was when this guy walked into a room wearing this outfit with that thing sticking out. 

I am reading a book right now on the history of music in Cuba. It starts way back in the middle ages in Europe and advances the notion that people in the old world were not naked much because of the Church, because hygiene was not good and so on and once the warm waters of the new world and thinly clad native women were discovered much of the enthusiasm for casting the infidel out of Jerusalem was lost. I think this statue was made after that time and    I forget where  it was but I had to wait for the people in line posing. Once again finely polished. 

And in Prague there's Kafka. At least he has his pants on but something is powerful about those feet. 

Just for the record I did not touch any of the photographed parts. I just observed and maybe one day I'll think, man I should have rubbed that thing. I need a little luck today. 



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