Wednesday, September 14, 2016

More From the Alps...

Ok, to dispel any confusion due to a facebook profile photo I am not in the Alps today. I spent a pretty routine but pleasant day at the old day job, went by my mom's, rode an exercise bike 45 minutes and made a wretchedly ethnic but crudely beautiful and effect percussion instrument. Since all that kind of blows a hole in my whole myth making hero status I do have photos from the Austrian Alps above Innsbruck.  

The Innsbruck valley has been inhabited since the stone age. Here is looking down the mountain, Note the gondola cars, and the people hiking and biking on the trails. Winter sports are big and Innsbruck has hosted the 1964 and 1976 Olympics. You see many people, more in Austria but some in Germany that hike using what looks to be two ski poles with maybe a bit of adaptation for no snow as a balance or perhaps a practice/conditioning aid. It might be the way they get ready for the season. I can only admire the folks pulling this mountain on bikes. 

Cathy sits on the edge. Really great views and a good place to sit and reflect at a restaurant patio.  

The it's a small world encounter. Beverly and Ross, our hosts for this trip greet a friend of Beverly's, Melody and her husband Ronnie who were vacationing with a grandchild in the baby stroller. Melody has been the Special Education Zsar for the U.S. Department of \Education, soon to be teaching at Ol Miss and Ronnie was the governor of Mississippi 1996-2004.  Just never know who you will run into. 

Despite the good view, the friends and people watching available me and Cathy set out for the top. 

This summer I have hiked in the rainforest, the Alps and second lined in the French Quarter. At my age I could be forgiven for having a heart attack but on this climb I took note that the others I encountered seemed to be huffing and puffing also. I'm not worried.  

If you look close there are bits of snow in shady, high places. 

Careful where you step. There was animal poop in the grassy spots. We did not see any but looked to be two different kinds of  critters about somewhere. Cathy says donkey and goat. Girl knows her business. 

Seems in the mountains of Europe gliders and hang gliders are a popular pastime. Good wind currents. 

This guy was setting up a hang glider. For you therapy types reading this he had a recently healed Open Reduction Internal Fixation of the right ankle. From the looks of the surgical incision I would guess that this day might have been his first flight since he broke it, and we can only assume, on his last flight.  

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