Sunday, September 25, 2016

Music Collection...

People still buy records. Used records and new releases. I'll pay up to $5 and maybe $10 if I have to have it and I kind of had a policy that I would not buy a new release on record but I violated that when something came out that I had to have and it was on record only. They always have a way of getting you.

On my travels around this summer I only bought one used record. It was some African drumming, an early 70s release and it related to a book I was reading on the music of Cuba. I bought it in Chicago. I would guess that the hip neighborhoods of Chicago all have a record store every block. A record store seems to have a certain focus these days, lots of just arrived been picked over for the rarities $1-$3 discs or collectible high priced stuff. I can usually just walk in and tell if I'm feeling it or not and should start digging through the bins. In Munich I saw this booth at the old Marianplaz market. I did not even browse because I figured this guy had found all the good stuff. I could not feel it. 

In Innsbruck there was music in our AirB&B apartment. I don't remember what Cathy had picked out but for whatever reason we could not make the stereo play.   

Here is the owner of the apartments collection. Not bad, a little on the heavy side.  

This week I cleaned up our music room about as good as it ever gets. There is a couple of music rooms at my house. One is for instruments. Cleaning up means picking up records and cds off the floor and cramming them in what shelf space is available. I remember when we bought that cd rack. We though we were set for life. I built the record cabinet in the 70s. It was designed to hold 100 records per shelf. There is probably 200 records on the floor. That's about 45 years of collecting. 

For some reason and I can't exactly verbalize it but if you have all your music on your phone, I pity you. 
I do listen to my phone also, maybe that's why but it's only when I can't get to this room. 



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