Sunday, January 29, 2017


With Scott Smith in for a weekend of duck hunting, catfishing and guitar playing we decided that we might as well try to include in white bass fishing and achieve some kind of double quadruple trifecta  The catfish were game and with the help of modern clip on guitar tuners the guitars were in tune but ducks and white bass were absent. All in all good fun was had including an encounter with water saturated sand on the banks of the Sabine. 

Here is blog character Scott. We actually had a minor encounter with quicksand as we approached the river. I was in the lead and made it through the area. for some reason the rest of the Indians in this white bass war party took a different route that they barely made it through. I though this would be an embarrassing photo for Scott but in this new age of spin let's just say he throws a long shadow on the land. 

Cathy caught one small white bass. The next thing she knew she was sinking in mud. If you don't know the properties of quick sand a quick internet review tells us that quick sand may appear solid but once it's agitated or of there is a change in pressure or suffers a sudden shock it liquefies and  becomes spongy with objects sinking to their level of buoyancy.  this is what Cathy stepped in. 

Cathy says her first thought was "I hope I don't top my boots here." Second though was "hope they don't see me." 

Third though was as you can see, "Help." After some tugs and the misunderstood suggestion that she should take off her shirt, which I though was a good one because it always helps if after a misadventure to have dry clean clothes to put on. After all she was dressed in layers as I don't want anyone to get the idea it's my common practice to be all muddy and naked out in the woods somewhere. 

Note the tow strap. The technique that finely freed her was tow strap under the butt keeping a steady pulling pressure as she extracted her legs. 

On solid ground. As the rock band God Speed You Black Emperor sings, "Lift your skinny fist like antennas to heaven."  

At least this won't appear to be solid ground to the next bank walking white bass fisherman. 

We will keep the tow strap handy and an eye on fishing reports from the Sabine so stay tuned. 


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