Friday, March 14, 2014

Hi Ho Silver...

My latest cigar box build is a good guitar. Sounds good acoustically because of the wood back and sounds serious good with a dirt pedal to overdrive the sound. Tune to a minor key and play Blind Lemon Jefferson's "See That My Grave is Kept Clean" while adding a little bit of flanger and you have outer space is the place blues.  I am calling it silver because of the generally silver predominance but you can call it red if you like.

Most of the time hinges and hangers that I use for bridges are gold in color. A lot of cigar boxes have some gold going on and I have made a couple of instruments with gold tuning keys lately but to keep the silver pattern going on I went low tech with this bridge. I am not sure if this is what contributes to the sound or not because I did use a different glue to secure the pickup to the box. I was using hot glue because if I had a malfunction it was easier to correct and I would then recycle the malfunctioned pickups into the experimental drums and diddly bows. I think I will use this glue from now on since I am becoming more and more consistent with the finished product. 

Speaking again to the nice overdrive sound, in sonic experiments last night I noted that the 1930s cigar box sounds very good with an amplified clean sound but lacked the note definition with the distortion. That's ok. Just means I have something for everyone's ears. 
Sometimes I make different length neck but I do measure the scale from nut to bridge  so it is similar to a Fender or Gibson guitar. Some of these take a bit of familiarizing to get used to finding the notes on the fretless neck. Some the slide falls easily to the notes. This one is an easy player for me, my hand and ear find the positions almost without looking. 

This guitar for sale. I am asking $75. It's #33 I have built.  It's a good one. 

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