Sunday, June 22, 2014

You May Have Noted...

My wife has out fished me on our recent trips. If you read here regularly you can easily keep score and other than the internet branding kind of thing I do for myself I use this blog as a fishing journal. I check back at the end of the year and if I keep good records by totaling my catch I know how many fish I caught, what conditions, when and where. In other words I use the computer to aid the clear cut over harvest thing that man kind has been so good at for a lot longer that you might think especially if you believe we have only been here 5000 years or so. So in the species decimation project my wife leads or the past two trips 10-3 and 13-5. I managed to slip away this week by myself and do so fishing, kind of an experiment to see what I could do left to my own methods. 
So here's my take. That's four crappie, three brim and three catfish. I like a mixed bag of fish. I like using techniques where you don't know what you may reel up each time. See those big crappie or white pearch as they call in east Texas or sacalay as the Cajuns call them. You have to put your lure or minnow, they like minnows right in front of thier face for a bite. Cathy likes catfishing. You sling out a big stink bait, catfish smells it and he comes and bites and there are plenty of cats to bite in our local waters and they are great eating. You could spend the day fishing deep, shallow, left, right, up and down and have luck at every place for cats. These fish I have were a bit more work as I fished various spots I had never tried and caught a couple at each spot. That's a bit of work, moving around and finding fish but to me it's fun sometimes. 

Next time I go I'll take Cathy. We will pull up to a tried and true place, relax and load the boat with some good eating cats. And I bet she catches most of them. 

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