Friday, June 13, 2014

Saw the Fab 5...

Last weekend we were a bit footloose in Pearland. Morgan and Ali had gone out of town. We stayed at their house and had an evening to amuse ourselves. We were able to do that by taking in a show by the Fab 5 which was a part of a concert series the city puts on in the summer months. The Fab 5 are a Beatles tribute band. 
I usually don't go in for the tribute band thing. Seems a bit silly for guys to dress up like some one else and play note for note renditions of songs that are regularly played on the grocery store muzak these days. I gotta give them credit though. They were good. It was a cool evening sit in the grass on a blanket kind of thing that provided a bit of relief from the run around in the big city thing we had been doing. Lots of kids around and I must say that I was hit by kicked soccer balls and thrown Frisbees way more times than I have been hit in the head by a thrown beer bottle at a GoGo Bordello (they named this blog) concert. 

Nice instruments for the first set which was made up of various 60s hit tunes. Even though I am a dedicated Fender is always the answer kind of guy that's a nice Gibson Bass. Pay special attention to that bass player. The guitar player has a nice reproduction of George Harrison's psychedelic "Rocky" strat. 

Second set was all Beatles tunes. Now check out the bass player. He has switched over to the fabled Hofner Beatle bass and he is playing it left handed just like Sir Paul McCartney. If you looked close he was playing right handed a moment ago. I don't think I have seen such. I must admit that is paying full tribute. 




Blogger The Fab 5 said...

Great write up!! THANK YOU for the great review!

12:10 PM  
Blogger Carl said...

You are playing Lufkin on July 9th. I re-posted this review so people will be aware a good show is coming to town.
Thanks for visiting the blog and for good music.

9:37 AM  

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