Thursday, June 05, 2014

Box Guitar #37...

Here's tin box guitar #37 and it's a good one. Recently Miguel brought me two tins that he found in Houston thrift stores. I made him this guitar out of one of them. This has been a policy I have recently begun if you give me some boxes I'll trade something I have made for them. I really appreciate my friends keeping me stocked with boxes. I may sound all artisty here but you know I sit in the floor with my boxes all around me and catch the cosmic vibes of the one calling out to me and I make a guitar out of it. It's harder to do if you don't have many boxes to call out and Cathy does not fuss about this like she might if I was sitting in the floor with large closed back Fender amp cabinets calling out to the world. 

Here's the guitar:
I am going to have to learn to make a better guitar picture. I see great ones in the magazines at night and Miguel has posted some great ones of this guitar on his facebook and insagram. 

Here's the details, tin box, three strings tuned low to high E, G# and B but tuning is a matter of taste. It's non fretted and played with a slide. It has BB side markers for the IV, V and octave chords.  It has my new two piezo disc pick up system with the discs placed on the top just south of those two sound holes which are bass guitar tuner ferrules. 

I did not play this guitar very much. I pretty much made it and took it to Miguel. It has a nice clean sound, not so banjo like as some of the tin guitars are and with only a quick plug in to one of the home made battery amps it seemed like it was going to have it's own unique voice different from the usual dirty blues sound of tin. Might be a cleaner sound because the pick ups are nearer the center of the guitar instead of under the vibrating bridge.  Also I think maybe the tin is thicker than most cookie tins. 

Some one asked on Miguel's facebook "How much." I sell tin guitars $65. Cigar boxes with the extra hardware are $75. I might charge a bit more if the box has a collectible or antique value and it cost me something to acquire.  You will probably see lots of tin and wood builds with the coming hot weather as my shop is not air conditioned and I don't want to sweat all over a pretty cigar box with paper on it. 



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