Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fat Cats on a Windy Day...

It was windy. Neither me or the catfish could keep a hat on. We did manage not to drown and caught 15 nice fish that made enough fillets to feed 8 or 7 members of the Wallace family next time they gather. 
We began the day fishing one of our number one honey holes that we call "the place." It was very windy and exposed but we caught a few fish there. See fishing the wind is the way we do it. Find a point, a sand bar, a line of cypress trees that the wind is blowing into and you have found fish. Of course there needs to be a drop off, a fish sanctuary where they can stack up and wait till they are hungry enough to cruise the feeding areas. In the photo you see Cathy fishing a second "place" because even though the fish were there in the first spot I don't think the wind was letting us get our baits to them well.   

Nice fall colors to the cypress trees.

These were good fat cats. Hopefully the water will not cool off to quickly in the shallows. It's 67 degrees and that is much to fish liking.  If it gets too cool and they go deep and with the lake near normal pool there are not a lot of prime tie ups showing along the river channel for deep water winter fishing. 

My camera got switched to "fish eye" effect during the bumpy run across the lake at sundown. We were taking a little bow wash and an occasional splash.  

Here's the fish. Blog readers I meet in person often comment on the fishing we do. Seems like we have not been as mad at them this year and a quick count of fishing trips on the blog show we have caught just over 100 fish this year. If we use this amount as kind of an average that's enough to feed maybe 50-60 people. Good thing I have not eaten 50-60 catfish dinners. I'd be fatter than I am now. 

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