Wednesday, June 08, 2016

A little Vacation to Puerto Rico...

Puerto Rico was discovered by Columbus in 1493. Spain held the island for 4 centuries. The USA came into possession of the country after the Spanish American War in 1898 and the official title of this land is the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. It's a nice mix of Spanish, European and American cultures. 

Like anyplace else there are the well to do and the very poor. Puerto Rico is poorer than Mississippi but richer that other Latin American countries.  Cost of living in San Juan is higher that Dallas, Atlanta or Seattle but lower than Chicago, or New York. There are nice hotels and bombed out looking high rises that look no worse than the down towns of many one stop East Texas towns that all the people have packed up and left because that can't make it there anymore. 

You meet the occasional beggar on the curb but in the street the Jeeps, Toyodas,  BMWs, Mercedes and Lexuses flow past on weekend evenings with salsa and rap blaring from the stereo. In the suburbs you can shop at Walmart, Pep Boys, Radio Shack, KFC and more. 

We visited here last weekend with Pop, Geneva, Matt, Mary, Miguel, Rose and Juan and the grand kids. We had a great time at historical sites, local cafes, the beach and the rain forest mountains.  I have plenty of pictures to blog about. Here's a few from old San Juan. 

Here's the gang as they pause for a photo after arriving in old San Juan after a .75 cent bus ride. There something about the southern bus lines (can't speak for Houston) but it's slow going and I never quite figured out the schedule. The public transit app on my phone I use in Chicago did not cover this area 

Cathy and Pop walk Old narrow streets. I bet they were not made for cars. 

Matt, Mary and Miguel head up the ally. 

Maybe I should say the French Quarter Spanish stylings were born here. 

Not old San Juan but a look back at our little budget hotel, the Sandy Beach. Nothing fancy but clean rooms, and air conditioners. I bet at one time it was very beach front but it's now crowded by fancier high rise neighbors. If you know where to look you can see it. 

That's the Atlantic Ocean. Turn to the left in this photo, start sailing and you will hit Spain in no time at all.  



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