Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Street Photos of People With Dogs...

I don't have a dog. I've had lots of them though, especially when the kids were growing up. Teaches responsibility and stuff. Like when the kid don't feed it and you end up taking care of it. Basically though I enjoyed the dogs and the kids as well. Glad they all have their own places now. 

Things have changed with dogs. I remember when it was ok for a man to shoot his own dog. Probably go to prison now.  I used to doctor on sick and injured dogs. Probably would be deemed malpractice Mary can recall all the times it took both of us to hold down the big white dog to address some injury he had come home with. She drew a picture of us doing this and labeled it "dad the mad dog doctor." The dogs I attended to, baring massive internal injures always got well. 

I am amazed when on social media some one posts a photo of a dog on the street and says "saw this lost dog today." When in college A friend had a dog named Al and in the course of his college career (my friend's, not Al's) he moved, sometimes several times a semester. Al often came up missing. He could usually be found at the last residence they shared miles away. A dog going down the street, in my experience has either been dumped by a cruel master or is looking for a good place to poop. It's a 50 50 chance the dog knows what he is doing. 

So this brings us to today's topic which is a topic I often address and will probably, as I get older, uglier and slower get my butt whipped. It's more photos of people on the street I have collected, miles apart and in different cities that were doing something that I can cobble together into an attention seeking blog post. It has to do with dressing to walk your dog. 

I took this photo at the Galveston Mardi Gras. Cute dog and pretty girl but I'll be darned if I dress the dog better than myself for a big street party. Of course I realize that photos of how I was dressed this day are viral on social media but then I don't care. 

A different crop on this photo and I could have blogged about how the guy hiding his face used to be in the Ramones or that the big guy smoking the cig probably don't have as many to smoke as he thinks. 

This photo is from a walk in a Chicago Park just off Lake Michigan. The wind was cool to me but here was a guy in shorts walking his dog. From a distance the shorts looked black and it seemed that with the white leg stripe he was perfectly matching the black and white dog. In fact I think they are the same kinds of dog in both photos. 

I must have some kind of sickness because I admit when I took this photo  I was thinking about the photo of the girl and writing this blog post. I might even get a dog one day but it will be far in the future when I am no longer able to wander the streets looking at people. I won't ever wear pants with a stripe down the leg unless the are red pants, the stripe is gold, the cuffs have fringe and I'm playing accordion in an Eastern European punk rock band.  



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