Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Walk in the Big Slough Wilderness Area...

The Big Slough Wilderness Area is my favorite place to duck hunt. It's rolling around to that time of the year again and we took a little scouting trip to the area last week. Barring the Democrats (I would say a Hillary win but I think that's looking like a sure thing) arrive on November 9th to take up my old shotgun things look good for finding some prime hunting spots. 

Looking down the trails. After a bit of thick cover the trail opens out wide but then starts to wind and turn as people have made their way around fallen dead pines. I don't think many are making this walk and next time I go I think I will carry some flagging to mark a trail. I have GPS points through the area in case I get lost which has happened before but I think the flagging will be a nice thing. 

I don't feel like I would be giving away my secret spot or anything with a marked trail. Other duck hunters seem to prefer more water and with the East Texas forecast for Nov. , Dec. and Jan. predicting little rain the creek should have just enough water for jump shooting like my dad taught me. Today is the anniversary of my dad's passing 25 years ago and hunting the way he taught means more than any kill numbers I put up.  

Is that a big foot? Is it taking photos with an ipad? Oh excuse me, MRS. Bigfoot. 

I don't deer hunt but here is a nice buck scrape. It was on a little cedar of some kind, different from the cedars in my yard, almost Christmas tree pretty. Maybe it will survive this buck's markings. 

I'm sure hunting will be on the table on Nov. 9th as will be the fried duck breast and gravy that Cathy cooks so well. Someone has been coming to take the guns since the monkey man ran in 1980 and they have not got them yet. 



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