Saturday, July 30, 2011

Always a Party...

Ok, even if the tickler is tickling someone else you still got to laugh.

Speaking of taking no prisoners great grandma or "GG" as she calls herself picks up a big old baby.

Some do any and all for the elusive perfect face book profile picture

"I know it's your birthday, but can I drive?"

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Two Things Going on Here...

First thing is Juan's brand new patrol car. The last of the Crown Vics. Next time he gets a new car it won't be a Ford, they don't make these anymore. This one had < 1 mile on it when he drove it home. Great horse power and jet off take, when sitting in the front seat it has the technology to run a check on your name and when the officer walks up to your window he can make remarks like, "Mr. Wallace, at your age did you know it will be much more uncomfortable to sit with your hands cuffed behind your back than it was on the night of November 26, 1976?"

The other thing going on is my Mom with a machine gun. She is 87 years old and takes no prisoners. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Iconic Instruments...

I made some photos, unfortunately through display glass at the Country Music Hall of Fame earlier this summer on our visit to Nashville.

Here's the pedal steel Sneaky Pete played on George Harrison's All Things Must Pass, the first album he released as a non Beetle. Funny thing was we listen to that recording in the car on the way to Nashville. After being an icon of early alt/country music Pete made sound effects for movies like The Empire Strikes Back and the Terminator movies.

Chet Atkins's guitars and amps. When asked to the define the Nashville sound Chet reportedly would stick his fist in his pants pocket and shake the coins there making the jingling sound of money hitting the cash register. You have heard these instruments on may popular recordings.

Not a good photo, but it's Bill Monroe's mandolin. This instrument was once smashed to 180 pieces in the 1980s by an intruder with a fire place poker. The intruder's name has never been
reveiled but widely thought to be a woman as conventional wisdom holds that a man would have swung it by the neck to smash. What ever, the Gibson Guitar Company repaired this 1920s instrument and he played it the rest of his life.

Something speaks to me about these old instruments being behind glass never to be heard again and I really don't know what it is. I guess the men who made the sounds are gone, maybe they won't sound the same played by others. Looking at these brought to mind a recent experience at a dance we played. A guy comes up after the show (no I don't think he was flirting with me) asks how low the action was on my bass. I had cased it, but I took it out and let him examine it. It was a funny feeling showing that guy my ax. As I handed it over to him I seemed to feel all the dents and dings, how really fine the play-ability and action really are on a guitar I have been playing for 26 years. The guy looked at it and acknowledged that the action was quite a bit lower than his guitar. I had never really though much about it, I just fool with stuff till it feels right.

I don't know where I am going with this. Old instruments, magic, or just stuff?

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Coraline Drives the Boat...

A little fishing trip today with Rose, Coraline, and Mary as guided guests included a driving lesson for Coraline.

Ever wonder what fishing looks like over Cathy's shoulder? Here is your chance. First you have the bent pole.

Then, the flying catfish appears.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Back Porch Band Gig...

The Back Porch Band had a road trip gig last night, hired to play a birthday gig in the great city of to the great city of Barnum, Tx. That's a few miles out of Corrigan if you don't have your GPS handy. In this photo lefy to roght, Buck, Earl, Neil,

Neil steps up to the mike. He's usually on steel, but with another member Lanny on vacation in Nashville he steped to 6 string with Buck subbing on steel.

Buck and lead guitar Earl trade licks. Posted by Picasa

Nice set up, covered pavilion to play with a few mounted fans to break the 100 degree heat.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Got My Name Painted on my Shirt..."

"...I aint no ordinary dude I don't have to work." That's what Waylon said. I have a gig this weekend with the Back Porch Band. What should I wear, let me check the wardrobe.

How about this little number, anyone else wearing red?

Or this, wait that's a guitar and I'm the bass player, might hurt the six stringer's feelings to show up in this.

What about the stage lighting, plain white or is there going to be a nice soft rose glow to soften thngs a bit?

Then there is the Graham Parsons model. Anyone know if clothing is optional or if it's a non smoking venue?

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Just as I Suspected...

I may have a little trouble on this big screen give-away. It's shattered, empty inside. Is this another allegory of life? What's it signify? That with all content pushed out it's really empty, box, programming and all? What if I fell down and busted my head, would it look empty also. There does not see to be really much inside, is it watching me?

Anyway, if you want it, call, email, you know the drill how to win these ever popular give aways. If you are not interested, pass on, keep moving, nothing to see here. Posted by Picasa


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Shark...

Here is granddaughter Coraline from last weeks shark fishing expedition showing off her catch. Photo is by Cathy. I think maybe this is one of those allegory of life things, you know teach your kids to shark fish and then they don't get in so much trouble when they are out there shark fishing on their on. I don't mean to offend any sharks, insinuate that fishing for them is trouble but hopefully you get what I mean.

Oh yeah, more lessons. Teach them how to catch bait.

That Golden Rule stuff, works good even with the bait. Kissy kissy little fishy.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way...

On our recent tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville there was a big exhibit on the way Hank exactly did it. What I learned was that as much as I like listening and playing his songs I feel kind of like you guys that enjoy reading this blog, you don't want either composer coming over to your house.

Here's a display, four mounted fox squirrels, said to be shot by Hank, his single shot shot gun was on display and taken to a taxidermist and posed at Hank's request like a country band, playing bass, fiddle, steel and guitar. Maybe this is what Hank though about his sidemen. I surely have thought the same thing on occasion about folks I played with. Of course present collaborators are excused, I'd marry you guys if that kind of thing was ever ok for fellows in a country band to do.

One of Hank's suits, from the days when it was ok to dress like you were with the band. Actually it's quite a subdued outfit compared to the Nudie designed suits that Porter Wagoner, who really knew how to dress wore to his gigs.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We took a break from the birthday bash in Lake Jackson this weekend for a quick run to Surfside beach. Water was perfect, green and clear as it gets this part of the coast so we began fishing with lures. No takers so a switch to cut bait reveled that the water around us was full of little ankle biter black tip sharks. Does this shark make my butt look big?

Cathy's brothers John and Matt score a double.

Mary wrestles in her own personal river monster. Final score was 6, two for me and John, one each Mary and Matt. After the two I caught my Bass Pro Shop mega cast reel that has been my cat fishing number #1 lately ceased operation, I don't know if it was from the battle oif the shark or from the corrosive salt environment. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Late Birthday...

Been a busy weekend so here we go with late birthday wishes to May, 20 years old yesterday. Poor old Mary had her birthday rolled into a big weekend that involved a birthday party for Coraline.

Mary and Grandma Bessie party at Rose and Juan's house for Coraline's birthday.

Coraline says "I don't care who's cake it is, let's all take our shirts off to eat it."

Mary and Grandma again. Are they spending too much time together? Posted by Picasa

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Friday, July 08, 2011

Most of the Time When People Ask Me...

...What this blog is all about I say, "Me." A couple of recent photos makes me think may be it's about the future and it's certainly about changes happening here and now, around us, to the various blog characters and the world.

How about this evidence? First photo is the western
sky from my house during last months forest fires south and west of town that burned up about 20,000 woodland acres. Crop out the trees and the cows that are a dead East Texas giveaway and you could imagine a lost in spaceman staring up at a strange sun on a lost planet.

Next photo looking about south on Sam Rayburn Lake past Calhoun Point into the Mud Creek drainage you can see the the wind sweeping sand off the dry land exposed by drought. I have long witnessed land erosion at the lake shore from the waves but I guess wind erosion is now a reality.

More changes later...
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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Cathy Catfish...

Just for the record the catfish are still shallow. Here you see Cathy slip corking them off Bird Island in about 4' of water. Total catch was 19 nice cats caught from about 3:30 to 7:30 with time taken out for a cooling swim. A nice windy day, the kind of day that rolls the bait fish up into the shallows for the fish kept the sun heat at bay.

Lake levels are reported at 9' low, but the lake looks lower than on our last trip. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy Birthday Coraline...

Coraline is one year old today. How time flies, I guess she will get her drivers license this weekend and start college in the fall semester. Posted by Picasa


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bugs Henderson and the Shuffle Kings...

Great celebration for the 4th yesterday at the zoo with old Texas blues rocker Bugs Henderson. I guess the last time I saw Bugs play live was about the mid 1980s. I have a couple of his records and bought a cd last night.

Bugs gets down!

Friends Cool Breeze also played, pictures of them later. Posted by Picasa
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