Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Try Anything Twice for a Little While Blog Post...

That was a song Mariachi El Bronx sang.  They were one of my favorite bands I saw at Riot Fest and you are probably just thinking "well old mudbelly just likes anything if it's loud and there is a lot of it." Well I saw a couple of bands I did not care for, The Eagles of Death Metal and Motorhead.  

My brother likes all kinds of music, most kinds anyway and likes to discuss it. I wrote a little one act play based on a story he told me about people who say they like all kinds of music. 

(My brother and an acquaintance enter from opposite sides of the stage and take side by side seats on a park bench.)

My Brother: What kind of music do you like?

Acquaintance: Oh, I like all kinds! 

(My Brother hands Acquaintance a Gogol Bordello Cd. Each person exits the stage in the direction they arrived. The Gogol Bordello song "When the Trickster Starts a Poking" plays at an eardrum crushing volume.)

(MB and A enter again to sit on park bench)

A: I did not like that! 

MB: you said you like all kinds of music! 

Actors take bows. Curtain closes

The Eagles of Death Metal are not really a death metal band but refer to themselves as slide guitar bluegrass, stripper drumbeats and Canned Heat Vocals. The guy did have a great cape. 
He loses points because he only wore it for two minutes. If my wife lets me get a cape I'll wear it the whole gig but probably not one we are playing together.

Second loss of cool points. The second guitar player looks like he stopped by to fill in on the way to a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band gig. I mean come on, it's the Eagles of Death Metal. I expect capes and cuss words. 

Whole band photo. Buzzy, compressed guitar sounds like a bee hive. 

The other band I did not care for was Motorhead. I know they are famous and they won loudest band at the fest. I stood as far from this band as I could, so far I accidentally got mixed in the porta line and I wore hearing protection. I must admit while it was loud it was a good clean loud with clear guitar sounds. 

Motorhead has been famous in the past for fast playing. They began in 1975 and while I never followed them the seem to have been prolific. I did not note any super fast tempos on this evening. The lead dude, picture below is Lemmy. He's 69 years old. I got news for you. At age 69 nothing happens fast anymore.  

Lemmy made the news recently when he issued a statement that for health reasons he was switching from whiskey to vodka. I feel your pain Lemmy and admire your discipline. I had to do a similar thing for my own health when I switched from sweet tea to unsweet tea. Life is tough but I know for me the change has been good. Lemmy, I wish you well.  

This counts tried twice. For a little while. 



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