Monday, November 09, 2015

A Beach Trip...

Cathy has been babysitting the grand kids while Rose and Juan vacation. I headed down Friday to spend a couple of days with them. One thing we did was make a trip to the beach. I had thrown in a fishing pole and wanted to give November beach front fishing a try because I am used to summer beach fishing and knew that different species of fish are on the prowl in different seasons. The winds and waves were not going to allow any decent fishing but still a nice afternoon.

Got a photo with everybody looking. 

Looking up toward Galveston. The surf looks like it will soon take those houses that are closest to the Freeport Jetty. Seems I recall in years past lots of beach right where that water is. I know memories dim but I think I recall once seeing a guy with an old bread truck parked on the sand near the base of the jetty. The truck sported a bright fanciful paint job and I remember thinking, "boy, just walk out for a swim, head over to the jetty and catch a fish for dinner, fire up the grill, he's got it made. I want to grow up and be him." Well I grew up and the beach is not there anymore. I have also noted, not first hand but from a pretty close distance that bread truck living quarters were not really livable. So as for me I'm hear again today. I don't know how bread truck guy ended up. 

Looking down the jettry. Those black dots on the left are surfers. They were getting in the water from out on the jetty and that's another thing I have learned, besides don't live in a bread truck about the Texas coast. Don't swim around the jetty. There are currents, rocks and no telling what else to interfere with your fun. 


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