Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bird Photos...

Here are some bird photos I made on a recent Galveston visit. People seem to like my photos. At least they tell me so. After updating one of my facebook photo albums this week certain subjects such as tuba players, birds, big screen TVs and my wife holding up a catfish she just caught are beginning to look like a body of work.

You know the story. A guy is living in a walk up cold water flat in a nameless and soul killing large city. People don't talk or look at each other as they hustle the daily grind and this is all taking place in a time before cell phones. He dies and his kids find a huge collection of photos of light poles and trash cans that he has made for the past 60 years and they are such things of truth and transcendental beauty bringing meaning and enlightenment to everyday items that art is moved on to some kind of cosmic next level that is only available to those that are already resting to the old cold ground.  

Now I rested last night in a water bead with some kind of thing on it that warms it so you sleep all cozy and snug. I had a hot shower this morning and my kids are well aware of all these blog posts and photos. I won't rest in the cold ground because I choose cremation since it's more fiscally responsible.

Here's the bird photos.

First two photos are the white pelicans. These are also seem on East Texas lakes during the winter. They are migrants from the Great Lakes. 

Meet you at poop rock. 

The brown pelican is a Texas resident. 90% of these breed on two islands in Corpus Christi Bay. This pelican eats bait fish and does not consume the same species as humans eat. They have often been endangered ranging from early 1900s persecutions by fishermen who thought they were stealing their fish to post WW 2 declines brought on by pesticide use. Sorry about all those government regulations folks (Trump will probably overturn this) but they have made a strong recovery.  They remain venerable to oil spills due to the fact breeding areas are near shipping lanes.   

Looks like from this photo they will poop on your boat. Cathy who also gets a photo credit for some of these pictures says in Florida they can be pests who will walk right up and eat your fish bait out of your bucket. In Texas it's been my experience that they totally ignore humans at least when they are fishing.  

A lone lost egret perches on a shrimp boat. 

Sweet sunshine. 

Always wanted to live on a boat. 

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