Friday, April 06, 2018

Fish Hard Weekend...

Looks like we have a couple of events the next two weekends we are off from work so Cathy has proclaimed this fish hard weekend. She has taken to using two poles at a time and yesterday they kept her busy. We only fished for two hours so some might question the fish hard work ethic but we ended up with 31 catfish. 

Lake is up enough after the rain that the main ramp at Big Hank's is closed and we had to launch at the campground. I like that better but the weather has taken out a section of the pier. We caught the fish at the same spot as last time even with a 2 foot water rise. We now call it the horseshoe because of the shape of a little pocket in the brush that we cast to. That's the horseshoe dead center of the slip cork. Cast there you got a bite. I'd like to know what kind of tree that is overhanging the area. Maybe I'll take a better photo next trip. 

Cathy fights a bent rod. With bloody hands. She says "Not my blood." One thing I have noticed about using a lot of 70s vintage rods we pick up at thrift sales and such is that modern reels do not fit them as well. 

I may have to submit and endorsement if I get one more slip cork in these photos. We get those when ever we pass a bass pro shops. The come in a bag and there is a bunch for a good price. Bad thing about fishing the wind if you hang up and loss a cork most of the time it drifts up into brush and is irretrievable.  

Foil packet on the grill catfish. That's Siracha Chili Sauce, purple onion, and yard foraged wild onion and pink wood sorrel with butter. 

This was Cathy's choice. That's Tomato Chili Chutney, purple onion and butter.    

Of note is that one of our usual places that we have not fished because it's more exposed to the high winds of April had two pontoon boats fishing on it. They were not tight to the brush like we fish but a little bit offshore. They might pick up some fish because it's such a good area. Little do we know these folks might be like us and are on the lake a lot. They pass us by out in to boat lane but sooner or later put together the fact that, "hey, those guys are fishing there every time we pass." 

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