Friday, December 08, 2006

New Catfishing Tip...

Cathy picked this up at work. Now you know what nurses talk about. Catfish.

Take some of those kids noodles, long brightly colored foams they play with in the summer while swimming. They are good floats, heck one will float me. Cut into sections and tie a piece of trot line string to the desired depth, a hook and a weight and you got a floating catfishing rig. A new variatation on the old floating jug line. Make up a bunch of them, set them out, brightly colored easy to see, catch fish the lazy way. Pretty simple, but I can see the need for special equipment.

Only thing is that my boat is not made for this kind of fishing, it will be kind of hard to reach the water to pick one of these up when you have a fish on. Used to in the old days I sat in a flat bottom boat with my cut off breaches, red soda, pocket knife and a wood boat paddle and cut a notch in the paddle to snag lines in the water. I have a plastic and metal paddle, I can't cut it with a knife. I'll need one of them Dremel tools I heard about, I don't know what it is, but lots of attachments and does things that guys need to do. Cut, grind, kill, stuff like that.

I'll need something to detect where the thermocline is in the lake, That's the depth where O2 and temp are perfect for fish. I am sure a gadget exists.

Then there is the possibility of drifting my jug lines in open water, I catch a fish it's not like being tied to a stump, try to remember which stump, I'll need GPS, satellite technology to mark the spot.

I already have a depth find so I know if it is safe or not for my happy ass to fall in or not.

An ipod. Why not?

So there, that's a few things that make this simple hand lining in ultimate man against beast encounter much easier.



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