Saturday, November 21, 2015

I Know It's Not Black Friday Yet...

In the great American huckster tradition I am getting some cigar box guitars built for Christmas gifts so we can do what we do best which is buy and sell. Seriously thanks to all my friends and family who have been my customers lately. Me and the whole cigar box world, which is way bigger than you might think thank you for your interest in good homemade fun. 

Here is one of my latest models. It's from a Ricky Patel box. It's wood but has some kind of outside coating.
Three Strings currently tuned open E. You play it with a slide like a steel guitar. 

Because the box is long it makes the neck feel short and "nifty." 

It has a new feature. The pickups on this guitar are piezo disc which when glued some where in the box pick up the vibrations from the top as well as percussive sounds if you tap the box while playing. Depending on many factors such as placement, material of the box or the number of pickups used (I sometimes put two discs in the box) the tone may vary but the overall sound of the piezo is a bit on the clear treble end of the sonic spectrum. Below you see a new feature which will probably be on most guitars from here on out. It's a capacitor that jumps the poles of the input jack creating a passive tone circuit that tames some of the treble from the sound. 

I the past I have pretty much when playing electric on these instruments turned the treble down, maxed the bass on the amp or added in effects pedals to get a darker sound. The added cap makes the sound a bit darker so you will now be able to add some highs to your sound.. No price increase to the product for this feature since it cost about $1 to add this to a guitar. 

This guitar will be hanging in sound techs music store in Lufkin Tx next week for $75. Shipping is available and I have found the best rate with the post office. Buyer pays shipping.    

Thanks again for all you guys interested in my music, my art. It gives me a good "on the right track" feeling. 



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