Thursday, April 23, 2015

Somebody Said it was Earth Day...

I think it should be called Catfish day from now on. Yesterday me, Cathy, Beverly and Donnie caught 95 catfish. We fished 10' of water using slip corks and punch bait. We fished from about 2:30 till 6:30 pm. I guess we should have fished a bit more and made a 4 person limit which would have been 100 fish but the bite had slowed down (duh) to only a fish every 5 minutes or so and we were getting bored. 

 If you are wondering it took about 2 hours, maybe a little more to clean them. There were 24 pounds of fillets and it took two good size men to lift the trash can of heads and tails that were left over after cleaning. 

We have another pair of, for want of a better word, fishermen who seem to be grudgedly tolerating our presents in this are. They dive and catch fish all around us.   

All channel cats today. Here's Beverly with a nice one. 

Cathy hold up a fish. 

I tried to get a photo of Beverly and Donnie landing a double. Both fish made it to the boat but not in the photo. 

Here is a double that made the photo. There were so many double, triple, quadruple hook ups you could not count them.  

Back at the boat ramp Beverly can't believe that the live well is full. Does anyone know of an after market live well option? 

Everyone wants their photo with the fish. I even got proof that I was along for the trip. 

All these fish were caught in the spot we call "the place." From reviewing old blog posts I think we discovered this area in 2009. Generally we catch 20-40 fish here with weather, wind and water depth all having to arrange themselves in a special confluence to attract the fish to this spot. The past three fishing trips have harvested 141 fish by casting into an area about the size of a comfortable living room. 

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